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Addiction Killer – A Natural Way to Treat Addiction

Addiction Killer Powder is a globally used Ayurvedic remedy, prescribed to overcome alcohol dependence, drug abuse and marijuana dependence. This Ayurvedic remedy has been prepared with an amalgamation of 20 precious herbs and 14 vitamins & minerals. It is consisted of Kudzu (Vidarikand), widely researched and clinically proven for its beneficial aspects to get rid of addiction.

Whether a person is addicted to alcohol, cigarette, tobacco or any other addicting substance, Addiction Killer Ayurvedic Powder works well to cure all types of dependency. Guaranteed results of this Ayurvedic remedy to cure an obsession with no side effects, has encouraged addicts to manage their crucial condition.

This Ayurvedic health supplement is well known among the addicts for the cure of alcohol craving because of its various health benefits. Here, some of the benefits of Addiction Killer have been listed below:

  • Safe & effective to cure dependence
  • No side effects
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective


Kindly consult with your physician before using Addiction Killer. He suggests the right dosage of this Ayurvedic remedy as per the condition of the patient or addict. Taking this remedy under the physician’s guidelines can help to lead a healthy and successful dependence treatment.

Tejpatra : Arjun
Punarnva : Nagarmtha
Harar : Sounth
Bahera : Niacinamide
Aawla : Vitamin A
Brahami : Vitamin B1
Bach : Vitamin B2
Aswagandha : Vitamin B6
Gokharu : Vitamin B12
Tulsi : Vitamin C
Soya : Vitamin E
Nisodh : Zinc
Veedari : Selenium
Giloya : Chromium
Bhringraj : Magnessium
Kasani : Folic Acid
BhuiAawla : Base

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