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Alcohol Addiction & Drug Abuse Recovery Brings Joy

Alcohol addiction & drug dependency has taken a heavy toll on human health and life. It has emerged as one of the major concerns in India; hence, it strains the economy, health care system and criminal justice system. These all complications ahead raise issues for job security, public safety, marital & family life. Too often, alcohol addiction, drug & marijuana abuse is considered as untreated.

Addiction is a Disease

The American Medical Association and World Health Organization remarked that addiction is a disease. According to them, it is a chronic condition, which relapses brain disease due to compulsive drug seeking, in spite of having harmful consequences. As it is considered a brain disease; hence it increases the risk of changes in the brain structure and its functions. These changes seem to be long lasting that lead to many harmful causes such as self-destructive behaviors.

Addiction Treatment is Available

Like other chronic disease like diabetes, asthma and heart problem, addiction is also treatable. Here, some of the steps have been mentioned that helps addicts to manage their condition successfully.

First of all, the patients need to acknowledge that he has dependence or addiction problem. After that, they need to ask for help with experts and family members. Alcoholism and drug dependence disrupt an individual’s life in every aspect due to its different dimensions. It is not simple to cure addiction alone hence it requires family member’s involvement. Addiction therapy depends on various factors (including type of substance) which affect the patients. What the patient needs is to:

  • Stop using alcohol or drugs
  • Maintain a drug or alcohol free lifestyle
  • Acquire productive functioning in family, at work and in society

Remember, this crucial problem cannot be cured within a few days as addiction causes complex condition. Most of the patients require long term treatment to recover dependence issue. Moreover, the treatment is not the end while it’s a beginning of a new journey to live life without drinking or drugs.

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Flavored Liquids in e-Cigarettes Unsafe For Health

Did you know that e-cigarettes are available in thousands of different flavours with delicious varieties and particularly appeals to children?

Researchers found the adverse effects of e-liquid flavoring cigarettes on the human body. An article published in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology mentioned, when it is converted into vapour then flavor breaks down into toxic substances at a level which is more than occupational safety standards.

Since the introduction of e-cigarettes, health officials started to track its usage and potential health effects. According to a survey in 2015 by the National Centre for Health Statistics, approximately 3.7 percent of adults use this smoking device while around 12.6 percent have tried them at least once in their life.

Some studies have disclosed that the ingredients used in e-liquid flavorings cannot be determined how they transform inside the device. While a leading research on e-cigs concluded that the heat converts e-liquids into vapor and decomposes its substances, produces aldehydes and other toxic compounds. These substances potentially cause health issues.

During research Andrey Khlystoy, he found that unflavored and flavored e-liquids are used in three major types of e-cigarettes. There are 12 aldehydes that deliver harmful effects, used widely across e-liquid brands and flavors.

Professor Vera Samburova and his team, fixed all parameters that may affect aldehyde production varied the type and concentration of flavors, so that, they can easily determine the specific role of the flavoring compounds.

Public Health England reviewed that e-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than tobacco; hence, it can be prescribed to quit smoking. But it also mentioned that continuing usage of e-smoking can cause long term heart dangers.

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Addiction : Symptoms, Causes and Consequences

Addiction is a critical condition of disease, badly affects the brain functioning and body. People with this chronic condition need to consume more alcohol, drug and marijuana, just to escape, relax and reward themselves.
Common Symptoms of Addiction
• Severe loss of control
• Continued use of addictive substance despite serious consequences
• Preoccupation with using
• Failed attempt to quit
• Tolerance & withdrawal
• Increased energy & restlessness
• Dilated pupils
• Delusions & hallucinations
When Addiction Occurs?
Addiction occurs when a person cannot stop drinking or taking drugs, he is quite aware of the harmful consequences, still, he is unable to stop it.


How Addiction is Caused?


First Phase

Many of the people try drugs or alcohol out of their curiosity and for the good time. Some people get it to improve their athletic performance or ease other issues. Using addiction substance also has been common to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. When an individual uses any of the addictive substance for the first time, he may experience an intense feeling of pleasure. In this phase, the reward circuitry starts working and carries messages with the dopamine.

Drugs and alcohol may have other effects, while a first-time smoker may cough and feel nauseated due to toxic chemicals in a tobacco or marijuana cigarettes.

Second Phase

At this stage, the brain starts changing its execution due to the unnatural flood of the neurotransmitters. It is a result of sense more than enough dopamine, neurons also begin to reduce the dopamine receptors or become reasons for the less quantity of dopamine. This condition is known as the down regulation where some neurons may die to toxic drugs.

Dopamine’s major responsibility is to activate the circuits of the brain, which is severely affected and weakened. Without addictive substance, the person starts feeling flat, lifeless and depressed. He may feel seem joyless.

Third Phase

At this stage, the person needs to take alcohol, drug and marijuana to get the normal level of the dopamine.  To create a dopamine flood, he needs to take a large amount of the addictive substance, also known as tolerance.

Changes in the brain activities enforce him to seek out and use drugs or alcohol despite having negative consequences such as physical or mental problems, stealing, losing friends and problems in relationships.


Although, we all are aware of the consequences of the addiction and its effects on the brain, still, it is unpredictable. What we get to know through this post that a person consuming alcohol, drug or marijuana becomes addicted and craving the drug despite of its potential devastating consequences. Still, we need to find out how a life is affected due to alcohol addiction, drug and marijuana abuse. For more details about addiction and its natural cure via

Drugs Become A Lifestyle For Youth

Do you really think that addicted lifestyle bring happy ending?
First of all, let me communicate with you correctly, in which category you fall: Are drugs killing you daily or you are ready to kill drugs now?
DRUG:Dangerous relaxation to ultimate Guilt, having many chemicals substance that leads to several harmful effects to human body. There are various numbers of drugs having different chemicals. It is a severe chronic disease, easy to addicted but difficult to control. Despite of numerous health camps, awareness programs, and drug education somewhere we lag behind to overcome this social evil.
Drug as a Lifestyle is a slow poison that kills you daily. It has emerged as a crazy lifestyle in India. If we talk particularly about young generation, they consider themselves as fashionista among people because drugs became a god father of them. In the new era, where love, sex and dhokha became trend to follow blindly by youths are the example of how we are facing drug addictions. Breakups, crush, intimacy, sadness, depressions, and endless desires of wealth are some circumstances of life. And when youth face these kinds of things, they came to grip of drugs to relax themselves.
Now the question arise here, Is there any solution to overcome from this dangerous addiction drugs?
Of course yes, there are some basic tips for prevention that can help you out from this chronic drug addiction or you can surely help your friends, relatives and dear ones to get rid of this. No any hard and fast rules to implement, but small tips for big benefits:

• Trying to stay busy in workplace, home or anywhere:

You might have heard a proverb “An idle mind is the devil’s workplace. It’s simply implied here; try to keep busy yourself or your friend in joyful activities such as reading positive thoughts and knowledgeable games, gardening etc. Try to make distance from negativity or last but not least avoid over thinking on each and everything.

• Yoga plays a vital role to overcome from addiction:

There are several treatments and physical postures that can help you out from this addiction. Under the guidance of professional yoga teacher, you can focuses on meditation and breath-work helps you to live in better way. It leads to peace of mind and bring positivity towards your goals.

• Be ready to face this addiction stage with confident:

It’s never too late to get it right! If you or you’re friend has been addicted to drugs thentalk about the preventions rather than repeatedly talk about the bad consequences of drugs. It will give you strength that your preventions towards drug addiction will not be wasteful in coming future.

• Don’t be hesitate to seek help:

It’s better to share your feeling with your dear ones rather to keep it in your heart and mind. There are some expert therapists that can help you to get ride from anxiety, fear, past experience etc.

Ayurveda remedy
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