Addiction Killer - Safe, Easy | Effective to Use to Cure Alcohol Addiction, Drug | Marijuana Abuse

Direction to Use

Methods to Use

  • Take one spoonful of powder with lukewarm water twice a day after having meal
  • If planning to give Addiction killer to your kith or kin, then addiction killer powder can be mixed in the food/meal.
  • Its tasteless and odorless feature helps to maintain privacy during the addiction treatment
  • It is safe to use if you’re already taking or using other medicines
  • 60gm x 3 bottles of Addiction Killer must be finished in a month

Duration of Treatment

  • Use Addiction Killer for at least a month to cure addiction up to 5 years
  • If you’ve long term addiction i.e. 5-15 years then continue your treatment for minimum 3 months
  • Complete the course to get long term results, even if you feel cured before the prescribed treatment duration


Addiction Killer is safe and effective to use. However, it is suggested to consult with your physician before taking any herbal supplement. It’s better to have proper guidelines when using any of the Ayurvedic herbal supplements.