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"Whether you are looking for the treatment of alcohol abuse, drug addiction, smoking or marijuana abuse, we are here to help you. Addiction Killer is a trusted online supplier of Ayurvedic remedies, offers herbal supplements for the treatment of drug dependence, alcohol abuse and marijuana abuse.Since 2007, we have assisted over 2 million addicts across the globe to overcome theircritical condition.

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This Ayush certified herbal supplement helps addicts to get rid of their dependency successfully, without any side effects. Our Ayurvedic remedy is 100% genuine and prepared with the effective herbs and natural ingredients. It reduces the dependence of the alcohol, nicotine, marijuana and drug as well it helps to live a healthy life ahead.Our aim is to help addicts and their families overcome from the critical condition. We do this by offering safe and effective remedy to stop addiction all over India. Read More...

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Negative Consequences of Addiction:

Alcohol, nicotine, drug and marijuana are the addictive substances, liable for affecting the body’s functioning. A person with addiction abuse only focuses on the rewards of these substances. He may tend to overlook his personal or professional responsibilities, avoids family and social life. Consider, following harmful effects of dependence:

  • Psychotic disorders, mental & behavioral problems
  • Health issues such as liver damage (alcohol addiction), lung cancer (nicotine abuse) and damaged nervous system (drug abuse)
  • Toxicity (caused by both alcohol and smoking)
  • Risk taking behavior such as violence, reckless driving, sexual behavior, domestic violence etc. due to intoxication Sepsis, infections and other transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS, in the case of injected drugs

Great product, great affects. Very good post sale service, Addiction Killer you have helped in everytime thank you so much team. I am no longer need Alcohol

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Addiction Killer helped me get out of my addiction of Alcohol, Cigarette and Social Media (yes i was addicted to Social Media), i had no time for my wife and kids. My cousin bought me Addiction Killer and it actually did work and now i am no longer addicted to any of these things. I am now a part of a healthy and a happy family.

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Kudos Addiction killer, thank you for helping me, my wife kids are all happy as i don’t smoke or drink anymore. Thank you very much.

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Nasha Mukti Kendra failed, and pili goli did not work on my 23 old son who was addicted to Alcohol and Cigarette, doctors and hospital medicine did not work too. My sister suggested Addiction Killer, i used it as last try and it worked. My son is no longer addicted to anything and we are all very happy. Thank you addiction killer, you are best.

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